Annual Report

Our Work

What we do

EDVOS is the leading specialist family violence service in Melbourne’s Eastern Metropolitan Region. Our work is focused across seven Local Government Areas including Boroondara, Manningham, Whitehorse, Monash, Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges. Some of our training, education and primary prevention programs are national.

Our specialist family violence response services are mostly directed towards women, including women from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) communities, children, pets and other animals, who are responding to any form of family violence.

EDVOS is committed to assisting all people, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and ability within our community and can also provide access to other family violence services that are most suitable to the individual’s unique needs and goals.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

A community free from family violence, where everyone feels safe.

Our mission

To take a collaborative and evidence-based approach to supporting those experiencing family violence whilst also working to prevent family violence before it occurs.

Our values

  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Advocacy

2018-2020 Strategic Plan Overview

  • Person-Centred Practice – Embedding and evaluating ‘Person-Centred Practice’ for women and children at EDVOS
  • Accessibility for All – Increasing EDVOS service responses for priority groups
  • Efficiency, Effectiveness & Sustainability – Delivering more efficient and effective services and programs at EDVOS
  • Workforce Capacity and Wellbeing – Implementing a comprehensive Workforce Capacity and Wellbeing Plan, resulting in an effective and vibrant workforce, which meets the needs of EDVOS service users
  • Services Across the Continuum from Primary Prevention to Recovery – Increasing and expanding EDVOS services; ranging from primary prevention of violence against women and children, through to recovery from family violence

Chair Report

What a year we have all had!

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live as a community. It has also radically transformed the world of work and the way our children learn. New challenges confront many of us: not being able to see family and friends; losing jobs and income; businesses and arts organizations not knowing if they can survive; keeping our elderly safe and worrying about what a COVID normal world will mean.

For women and children living with family violence it’s been even tougher as access to usual supports have been removed. I am so proud of the way our staff have responded. They have shown such flexibility, resilience and determination to do whatever they can to ensure women and children’s safety.

This past year has also been a time of significant other changes for EDVOS. Jenny Jackson left us in October after 4 years as CEO. Liz Billings joined us as Interim CEO until we could recruit Chris Mathieson as our permanent CEO in May. We have a new Constitution and expanded Board.

Following a DHHS Performance Review in 2019, we focussed on a Continuous Improvement Plan which culminated in a final report in September 2020. The outcome of all this work means that we can now focus very much on the future.

We were also proud to be the first organisation to succeed in achieving our accreditation for DHHS and Rainbow Tick standards remotely. This involved an enormous amount of work, especially by the leadership group.

Finally I want to thank:

  • The board for all the time and commitment they have shown this year;
  • Our continuing members: Lilia (previous Chair), Marg, Fay and Sue;
  • Our 2019 new members: Tony (Chair Finance and Audit Committee), Prue (Chair Quality and Risk Committee), Sonia and Denise;
  • And our 2020 new members; two of whom have Lived Experience of family violence: Kelly, Chloe and Gary.
  • Liz and Chris for their outstanding leadership;
  • Annie, Kelly, Kim and Youna for their ability to remain focussed on why we exist and supporting their staff through so much change;
  • All the staff who choose to work with us;
  • Our colleagues in DHHS and FSV and the sector who understand that we all need to work together if we are to achieve what we all want, a community free of violence, where everyone feels safe.

Warm regards,

Sandie de Wolf AM


Sandie de Wolf AM
Margaret Hodge
Deputy Chair  
Tony Pititto
Prue Monument
Quality and Risk Chair
Sue Campion
Fay Daniel
Denise McLaughlin
Sonia Sharp
Kelly Shay
Chloe Symes
Co-opted Director
Gary Trytell
Co-opted Director

CEO Report

Every year, our staff work in a focussed and committed way to achieve the EDVOS vision, a community free from violence and where everyone feels safe. However, without question, like so many other human service organisations, 2020 presented unprecedented demands and challenges as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Notwithstanding the stress and restrictions placed on women and children throughout the year, as an organisation we needed to respond swiftly, adapt and innovate to ensure our critical services were uninterrupted and responsive. We achieved that.

Since commencing in the role as CEO in May 2020, I have been impressed by the passion and drive of our staff to ensure that our clients were informed and supported to make the choices they needed throughout the pandemic. I would like to thank our skilled and dedicated team for their flexibility and resilience in responding to the challenges, fluid circumstances and changed working conditions during the COVID lockdowns across Melbourne.

Additionally, the past 12 months presented a variety of other challenges which tested the resolve and resilience of our organisation and pleasingly we navigated those challenges together with a determined spirit and much to be proud of.

As we turn to 2021, we have commenced the development of EDVOS’s new Strategic Plan 2021-24 and associated Theory of Change. Augmenting those important strategic pillars is the development of our first Victim Survivor Framework, underpinning EDVOS’s commitment to ensure we are informed by victim survivors’ voice and focussed on intersectionality and diversity. We look forward to implementing a co-design model to provide authentic opportunities for victim survivors to enhance our work and services.

Finally I would like to thank our Chair Sandie de Wolf AM, the broader Board, Executive Management Team, staff, supporters, partners and stakeholders for the very warm welcome I have received. I look forward to working collaboratively to support those experiencing family violence whilst also working to prevent family violence before it occurs.

Christine Mathieson
Chief Executive Officer

Our Service Highlights 2019-2020

EDVOS services outcome analysis aligns with the Victorian Family Violence Outcomes Framework following the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV 2016).

EDVOS service success indicators relate to the Outcome 2: Victim survivors, vulnerable children and families are safe and supported to recover and thrive.

Outcome indicator: Victims are safe

now know what to do to stay safe
were supported by EDVOS to feel safer

Outcome indicator: Victim survivors are heard and in control

felt EDVOS listened to their specific needs around their identity
felt EDVOS respected their identity and were responsive to their specific needs

Outcome indicator: Victim survivors rebuild lives and thrive

felt EDVOS supported them and their family to move forward
EDVOS has been awarded full accreditation of three sets of quality standards in May 2020. This includes QIC Health and Community Services Standards, Human Services Standards and Rainbow Tick.
"I felt very supported and heard by EDVOS during a very difficult and challenging time in my life. Having the support of EDVOS reinforced to me I was doing the right thing for me and my children."

Our services

Where our clients received their service

Client referrals received

Total number of client referrals received = 9,410

During COVID-19 Pandemic

EDVOS noted an increase in complexity, severity and frequency of family violence risk with;

  • A significant rise in high risk referrals;
  • A notable increase in frequency and severity of ongoing violence particularly in physical abuse, sexual abuse and coercive control (monitoring/surveillance).

The number of referrals and consultations from external services increased by 20% compared to pre-COVID-19, with services communicating more fear for women and children’s safety. 

EDVOS noted an increase in complexity, severity and frequency of family violence risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.
20% increase of referrals and consultations from external services during the COVD-19 pandemic.

A snapshot of our client demographics

EDVOS Clients reported they experienced the following prevalence in types of family violence

EDVOS Clients relationship type with perpetrator at the time of experiencing family violence

EDVOS Clients living across Local Government Areas within Melbourne’s Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR)

EDVOS Clients by Age Group 2019-2020

36% of EDVOS clients are self-referrals.

New clients and return clients
(2019-2020 financial year)

New clients and return clients
(2018-2019 financial year)

Our Education & Training Services

EDVOS Training

EDVOS measured training success indicators related to the Outcome 1: Family violence and gender inequality are not tolerated. At every training, all participants were asked to complete pre & post training evaluation outcome surveys.

total number of training session
Total overall number of participants

Post training evaluation outcomes

(survey respondents n=2,584)

said their awareness levels of gendered drivers of family violence increased to high.
stated their understanding on the impact of family violence increased to high.
said their confidence in recognising signs of family violence increased to high.
stated their capacity to respond and refer to disclosures of family violence changed from low-medium to high.
said their knowledge on how to create a safe and inclusive environment increased to high.
said their awareness and understanding on gender inequality increased to high.
"They completely heard me and I feel they fully understood me. They gave me the correct advice and helped me validate my decisions and helped me achieve the best outcome in my situation."

Amita’s Experience (Client example)

Follow Amita’s Journey

  • Amita, born in Australia and raised in a traditional multicultural family, has been married for 10 years and has a 9 year old boy called Liam, who is living with Autism. 
  • Amita has experienced emotional and psychological abuse perpetrated by her partner since her son was born and has limited access to their finances. 
  • Amita’s mental health is deteriorating and she fears for her own safety as well as her son’s.
  • Amita is the primary carer of their son and always prioritises his needs and wellbeing.

Amita's Experience

Amita is ready to change her life, but is not sure how or where to start.

More info

Amita’s close friend heard about EDVOS through her hairdresser, who had recently participated in the EDVOS HaiR-3Rs (Recognise, Respond and Refer) Training Program.

More info

Amita also recalls reading Liam’s primary school newsletter and how the children were learning about respectful relationships and what they look like.

More info

Amita talked to an EDVOS Specialist Family Violence Advocate within the Assessment and Response Team.

More info

Amita agreed to be referred to an EDVOS Specialist Family Violence Advocate within the Case Management Team

More info

Amita and the EDVOS Specialist Family Violence Advocate developed a safety plan.

More info

A positive outcome.

More info

EDVOS offers clients other supports, services and programs.

More info

Our Staff

in 2019-2020
in 2018-2019

Staff numbers in
2019-2020 and 2018-2019


staff engagement level represents a culture of success
staff are proud of the successes and achievements of EDVOS
staff want to improve the way things work at EDVOS
staff are very positive about tackling problems and have a ‘can do’ mentality
staff surveyed said “EDVOS is a truly great place to work”

 (Source: EDVOS 2020 Staff Pulse Survey)

Our Partners & Donors

As a well connected local family violence service, EDVOS is highly committed to partnerships and recognises that service quality is enhanced through collaborating and developing trust, mutual respect and goodwill. EDVOS has formed partnerships and alliances with other government and non-government services including community health, legal, law enforcement, education, finance, peak bodies, philanthropic bodies and various other expert primary prevention practitioners and policy experts. Including:

  • Partnerships (co-locations, research, service delivery)
  • Donations (individuals, corporates, community groups)
  • Collaborations (practice development, training & education)
  • Stakeholder engagement (events, social media & promotion)
  • Innovation and leadership (sector partnerships, research & systemic change)

With the new Strategic Plan 2021-24, EDVOS will develop a Theory of Change. We will continue to form strong partnerships within and outside the family violence sector including across the community services sector. EDVOS is committed to enhancing integrated delivery of services by building partnerships to drive a shared, consistent and strategic state-wide approach to family violence prevention and working in partnership with stakeholders and maintaining clarity of expectations and service outcomes.

Thanks to our partners and donors

EDVOS thanks our major funder – DHHS, our partners, donors and supporters who have given so generously throughout the year. Your ongoing support has enabled EDVOS to provide the services needed to ensure women and children experiencing family violence are safe and free from harm.

Summary of Financial Information 2019-2020

EDVOS received revenue of $12,567,666 and achieved a net surplus of $290,488 for the financial year ended 30 June 2020 ($256,418 surplus in 2019). The net asset position is sound, totalling $1.6m at year end.  Funding is principally received from the Department of Health and Human Services, and utilised to fund operations. A new funding and service agreement has been confirmed to 30 June 2024.

The full Financial Statements have been audited by Moore Australia who concluded that they give a true and fair view of EDVOS’s financial position and performance, and comply with Australian Accounting Standards.

Sound net asset position
surplus for year end 30 June 2020

Surplus for 2019-2020

How our funds are used

Statement of financial position
Current assets
Noncurrent assets *
Total assets
Current liabilities
Noncurrent liabilities *
Total liabilities
Net assets
* include a right of use asset and a lease liability, recorded for the first time in the 2019/2020 financial year in accordance with new accounting standards.
Download the EDVOS audited financial statements 2019-2020

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EDVOS is the auspice agency for the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Family Violence Partnership (RFVP).

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